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Detail information regarding VAT/USt/MwSt/SalesTax, Customs and Shipping

As a start-up with still low sales, Six Eyes Ltd. is subject to tax to varying degrees depending on the region due to different thresholds. The currently displayed taxes may be adjusted to a different tax rate when purchasing the same product at a later date.

At the moment we are obliged to implement the following rules:

Germany incl. entire EU and Northern Ireland: As sales in the EU are handled by resellers, our occasional direct sales do not reach the sales threshold. Our distribution warehouse for EU is located in Germany. If tax is applicable, the regular rate of 19% applies, and the reduced rate for books/eBooks of 7%. As long as no significant exports are made from Germany, this rate applies to the entire EU. As soon as the threshold value is exceeded in individual EU countries, the standard national rates are applied there.

Switzerland: The threshold for VAT liability is not yet exceeded. The applied rate is therefore 0.0%. Once the threshold is exceeded, the regular rate of 7.7% and the reduced rate of 2.5% apply. Continuing education services are tax-free, and this also applies to customers from other countries, as long as the webinar is a live presentation and not a video-only recording.

USA/CAN/UK/AUS/NZ: In the above countries, the threshold for tax liability is not exceeded. Shipping is executed from Germany. Although no sales tax or duties should be charged for shipments under approximately $800 USD, customs authorities or transportation service providers may charge duty, taxes, presentment taxes or other fees. These are to be paid in full by the purchaser of the goods or challenged directly by him with the collecting authority or the transport service provider.

Other countries: We ship worldwide, provided that the respective destination country does not require us to register for tax purposes. Please contact us if needed.

Geo-Location: In our store, different products, prices and taxes are displayed depending on the geo-location of the visitor for the reasons mentioned above. However, all information is accessible without restrictions, provided that you manually set a different geo-location. The physical products are usually shipped as follows: From a warehouse location in Switzerland to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, from a warehouse location in Germany to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Malta, Austria, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Other countries on request.

Resellers: Products ordered from resellers such as our partner publishers Hogrefe-Testzentrale or K2-Verlag are taxed by them according to their regulations.

This is only a non-binding information service and neither a legal advice nor part of the GTCs
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