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User manual to the web board

Download the user manual for the WebBoard: UserManualWebBoard, PDF, 3 pages

Link to the web board:
Login there with a time credit code or for free by clicking ‘Demo’ to renewable 10-minute sessions.
(Fair use: The demo version may be used to decide on use, time credits must be used for effective use:

Instructions on how to share the WebBoard in online video conferences: see below

Quick guide to the WebBoard:

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Multi-user functionality for online therapy, supervision and other online sessions

The WebBoard can be shared in various video conferencing tools and operated simultaneously by two and sometimes more users using functions such as “remote control”.  

Links to common video conferencing solutions with this functionality:


Teams (at the bottom of the article)

GoogleMeet: Here you need the Chrome Remote Desktop Extension

The WebBoard itself is not designed for simultaneous use by several users. If you share the link and code on the respective board, you will not get a simultaneous smooth operation.