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Thank you for purchasing our products!

This page is intended to help you in case there were problems with the download links that were sent to you by mail.

Most often, they are related to expired download deadlines or download restrictions. We therefore provide replacement links here without restriction and expiration date.

Sometimes, however, files are not stored on your system where you expect them to be. As a rule, there is a download folder. There they can be opened or copied to another location. If necessary, check your potential download folders or search your system using the terms “ManualV1” or “BBB-TEN” or “BBB-SIT”.

Please note that the files linked below are still password protected. You may save and copy them, but redistribution is prohibited. You need the passwords every time you open a file. They were sent to you in an email, usually as soon as we received your payment and processed your order. If necessary, check your spam folder or look for mails with the sender “”.

bonding board: ManualV1, PDF, 18 pages

Tendencies Interview: BBB-Ten-V2.2, PDF, 11 pages

Situation Interview: BBB-Sit-V2.2, PDF, 7 pages