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Donations for psychotherapy in Africa

Carole Steinke has been in Rwanda since summer 2023. The psychological consequences of the 1994 genocide are still being felt, for example in her work as a psychotherapist in the well-established, local counseling team of Solidminds in Kigali. After working in outpatient and inpatient facilities in Switzerland and an internship at the TraumaClinic in Cape Town, this is another challenging and satisfying position. 

Materially, the service is less well equipped than we are used to. Non-verbal or English-language games, therapy materials and cards, or even almost non-verbal tests in German, such as d2 or FEW, are in demand. Anyone who has something to offer is welcome to send her a short message by e-mail to carole.steinke(at)solidminds(dot)rw, preferably with details of the weight, as we collect everything here in Lucerne so that we can give it to visitors. Of course, donations are also welcome via our store, where a free amount can be entered. They are used to purchase additional materials and subsidize therapy costs. Thank you very much!

To anticipate follow-up questions: Carole’s husband, Damian, is involved with FairCapital, a start-up that provides loans to fair trade farmers. You could also invest there… 🙂 …