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Verein Netzwerk Bindung -- Attachment Network

The topic of bonding has become increasingly important in various disciplines. It seemed sensible to set up a multidisciplinary network. The association Netzwerk Bindung was founded on August 23, 2023.
The aim of the association is to promote networking among interested individuals and institutions, to spread attachment-oriented thinking, feeling and acting and to initiate projects in this context or to support them by generating external funding.
If you are interested in getting involved, be it in projects, association administration or even on the board or in the scientific and strategic echo group, please contact me (
Anyone interested in the association can of course become a member and support our activities.

Registration via the form below.

Articles of Association: PDF, 6 pages

The newly elected members of the Board of Directors and the other members of the Board:

Board of Directors:

Aleksandra Bratic Grunauer, psychotherapist, Aarau (Chair)
Stefania Calabrese, Prof. Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts – Social Work, Lucerne
Irina Kammerer, Dep. of Psychotherapy and Psychotherapy Office, University of Zurich
Philipp Ramming, former President Swiss Association for Child and Adolescent Psychology SKJP, Bern
Martina Rufer, kompetenzhoch3, Youth Services, Zurich
Laura Thrier, Psychomotor Therapist & Psychologist, Lucerne
Christin Tlach, midwife and SAFE mentor, Bern

Echo Group/Advisory Board:
Henri Julius, Prof. University of Rostock, Rostock
Peter Sonderegger, President SKJP, former President of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists FSP, Rothenburg
Cécile Tschopp, Lecturer in the Department of Special Education, Lucerne University of Teacher Education, Lucerne

Titus Bürgisser, Head of the Center for Health Promotion at the Lucerne University of Teacher Education, Emmen

Lothar Steinke, psychologist, Lucerne

Registration for club membership and interest in active involvement:
(The amounts are still provisional; the regulations regarding membership fees for individual members and institutions will be adopted in November).