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Video tutorial “The bonding board – content and use”:
In this 25-minute video, all the materials included in the BondingBoard box are described and their use is explained and mostly supplemented with short simulated conversation sequences. (In German, English subtitles can be applied)
Youtube channel:

Steinke, L. (15.01.2024). Bindungsbrett: Inhalt und Nutzung [Video]. YouTube.

Titelseite und Artikel Praxis Schulpsychologie

Article in “Praxis Schulpsychologie” No.34:

The journal “Praxis Schulpsychologie” is the flagship of the School Psychology Section of the Professional Association of German Psychologists BDP, and is published by Deutscher Psychologen Verlag dpv. This issue is dedicated to the topic of mentalization, so a report on the BondingBoard fitted perfectly into the‘From research and practice’ section .

I am delighted with this publication, which uses some examples of questions to show how easy it is to use the bonding board to trigger thinking and talking about social relationships, making it easier for people of all ages to empathize with a counterpart and at the same time become clear about their own emotional involvement. This is often the first step towards understanding and change.

The whole article (in German): 

Translation of the title: Mentalizing with the bonding board: Emotion-focused counseling for children, adolescents, parents, and teachers.

Steinke, L. (2023). Mentalisieren mit dem Bindungsbrett: Kinder, Jugendliche, Eltern und Lehrkräfte emotionsfokussiert beraten. Praxis Schulpsychologie, 9(34), 9-10.

“Praxis Schulpsychologie” can be subscribed to for free and as a subscriber you can also download previous issues for free: 

Man showing BondingBoard gameboard with figures.

Video tutorial “The bonding board”:
The first promotional video describes in about five minutes how the ‘bonding board’ is built and how to use it.
Youtube channel:

Steinke, L. (2023, April 6). The bonding board: For counseling, education, and therapy [Video]. YouTube.


Explainer video in the online story app:
This clip shows a 2-minute video sequence from the online app explaining the bonding board to children, parents or teachers. This does not provide professionals with new factual knowledge, but it can serve as an example of how to explain the bonding board to clients.

Youtube channel:

Steinke, L. (2023, January 7). The bonding board briefly explained. [Video; Producer: KoboldGames GmbH]. YouTube.

Interview Protokolle

The two semi-structured interview forms have been distributed in version 2.2 since September 2022.

Downloads with copy protection:
Tendency interview V2.2:
Situation interview V2.2:

Steinke, L. (2022). Tendencies Interview V2.2 [Fragebogen]. Six Eyes Inc.
Steinke, L. (2022). Situation Interview V2.2 [Fragebogen]. Six Eyes Inc.

Bindungsbrett - Bondingboard Box

The BondingBoard – the box
The BondingBoard was published simultaneously in German and English.

Steinke, L. (2022). Bindungsbrett [Beratungsinstrument]. Six Eyes AG.
Steinke, L. (2002). BondingBoard [counseling tool]. Six Eyes Corp.

Bondingboard V1:
An 18-page manual has been distributed with the BondingBoard as an e-book since it was published in August 2022.

Download an excerpt (original is supplied as a pdf with the BondingBoard or WebBoard code):

Steinke, L. (2022). BondingBoard: Manual. Six Eyes Inc.

visual quick start guide

WebBoard manual:
The functionality of the WebBoard is explained on three pages.


Steinke, L. (2022). User manual BondingBoard WebBoard. Six Eyes Corp.

Bondingboard App Design

BondingBoard WebBoard:
Even before the BondingBoard box was available, the web version was launched as a beta in March and as a definitive version in June 2022. It is designed as a browser application and runs on all devices and platforms (Win, Mac, Android, iPhone) with internet access and is available in a free demo version with a time limit. 


Steinke, L. (21.06.2022). BondingBoard WebBoard. [Web application; Producer: KoboldGames GmbH]. (retrieved on xx.yy.zzzz).

TitelPage of Quick Start Guide

A 4-page Quick Start Guide is distributed with the BondingBoard, which was already included as an insert in the beta version in 2021.


Steinke, L. (2021). BondingBoard: Quick Start Guide. Six Eyes Corp.